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Arizona Seasonal Guide

January is the middle of high season in Arizona, and sees a lot of inbound traffic for the Phoenix Open and other high-profile events that happen in the early weeks of the year. The PGA tour is in the middle of its' West Coast Swing, with many golf fans choosing not to brave crowded TPC Scottsdale for an in-person experience elsewhere in the region.

Spring break season follows the first warm days of February, with Lake Havasu being a popular spot in March. The Coachella Music Festival draws jet-setters to the Palm Springs area before the desert heat arrives in earnest.

The summer season sees Arizonans trying to escape the heat, which means it's peak demand time for the California coast, including the high-end golf and wine destination of Monterey. Destinations in the Pacific Northwest and "snowbird country" of the upper Midwest see higher demand, as well. The Utah Shakespeare Festival runs during the summer and early fall in Cedar City.

Fall means football, and that means big away-game trips for superfans. Our Denver service already sees heightened bookings, every other year, when Arizona State plays at Colorado.  Austin sees a spike in flights, this time of year; Texas Longhorns football being the reason. There's usually a charter to Dallas Love for the Red River Rivalry in October. Demand for Lincoln has always been steady; Nebraska fans are very loyal. There is usually a charter to the Big Ten Championship in early December. Of course, a big-time road game for Arizona State is always a possible trip, as well as a number of other schools with significant well-to-do followings in Arizona. With the Arizona schools and Colorado joining the Big 12 Conference, there may be more flights to places like Manhattan, KS and Ames, IA soon. Then there's the bowl games and the Playoff...and there's the NFL, too.

Fall and winter can also mean ski and snowboard season, and RMA flies slope-seekers to the Colorado, New Mexico and Utah Rockies as well as the California Sierra.

Naturally, any time of year, there might big a big event in Las Vegas, or another city in the Western USA that would serve to increase flight demand.

While this website does not depict a map of Mexican destinations, the Phenom 300 has the range to cover the entire country from Arizona. The Phenom 100 would be limited to Baja California and the shores of the Sea of Cortez (Cabo y Mazatlan sí; Cancun no). The in-state map below depicts where the Kodiaks are seen.


Fleet Bases

& Additional Livery Links


N12RM        "RMA standard"                PC12

N50RM        "RMA standard"     Phenom 100

N55RM        "RMA standard"     Phenom 300
N72RM        "RMA standard"       Kodiak 100

N73RM             "safari"                Kodiak 100



N74RM          "secret ops"         Phenom 300

   N612J          leased aircraft                   PC12   

                N915S         leased aircraft    Challenger 300

If the livery you want is not linked here, it is available via the Fleet page. There are numerous other Phenom 300 liveries with N registrations ending in RM created by Ray Marshall available for download at the AVSIM library. These may be thought of as fractional-share aircraft that RMA administrates, broadening the pilot's options for adventure throughout North America.

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