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With a large area, rich aviation history, and a lively flight simulation community, Brazil sure can be a fun place to fly. At RMAG, history is honored, both distant past and more recent. Itapemirim is a bus line that ran an airline for a short time, with a fleet of Airbus A320s, and a single A319. The PDF file here is to a December 2021 timetable synthesized from AI plans, from which the route map was also derived. There's plenty of payware and freeware A320 options out there across multiple sim platforms, but the best place to look is here.

What's the plus? This operation is an active virtual airline on the FS Hub network, as of May 25, 2024. The rules are very relaxed, and there's an additional plus.

This VA has its' own built-in retro aspect by honoring the storied history of the "ponte aereo" (air bridge) between Rio (Santos Dumont) and Sao Paulo (Congonhas). From the mid-1970s until the early 1990s, this service was largely conducted on Varig Lockheed L-188 Electra II aircraft with the Varig titles removed. There are four Varig liveries available for the magnificent FS-KBT freeware for FSX/P3D (basepack here includes PP-VLA):

PP-VJL           PP-VJM              PP-VJV             

It is understood that there is a mod out there enabling this fine plane to be enjoyed in MSFS.

Yes, the retro aspect has an additional plus that goes back to the real-world carrier's roots. Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos began in 1991 as a cargo airline, flying Boeing 727 freighters. Services ended in 2000, but are still flyable in your simulator. Finding an Itapemirim Cargo livery is a bit more challenging than finding one for the A320. Only one payware paint is known to exist. The Dreamfleet FS2004 paint is found in the Avism search linked above. Freeware flyers just need to visit the Historic Jetliners Group and build their aircraft from there. If there are other paints out there that should be linked here, notification via FSHub is welcomed. 

There were a few short passenger hops on the Cessna Caravan that have not been incorporated in to the VA. They remain a final expansion phase, if there is sufficient pilot interest.


With "Aeroita" historically covering the east coast of Brazil, and with the Ponte service encompassed within that area, there was room to expand this VA beyond the title carrier into the interior of the country; another plus.

This is SelvaJet, a bizjet operation out of the capital city to points in the jungle and Amazonian hinterlands; a very plausible real-world scenario.

While the flights are coded within FS Hub for the Embraer Phenom 300 and Legacy 600 (Brazilian paints here), there is room to add additional bizjets, with expressions of pilot interest. It just makes sense to begin with the home team, as Embraer is a Brazilian organization, and there's freeware and payware aircraft options aplenty across multiple simulator platforms. Pilots can use the FS Hub messaging capabilities to request what's in their hangar, in terms of bizjets.

There are nice add-on sceneries to every airport involved here, as there is a wealth of information to be found online. The usual download sites carry a lot for the newer platforms. FS9 and FSX pilots can find a treasure-trove of scenery here.

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