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If you really enjoy the A318CJ, check out this defunct Austrian operator that based at Vienna and flew multiple examples. The entirety of Europe is well within range of the A318CJ. Textures for the pictured OE-ICE are found within the RMAG A318CJ download, which is a complete freeware aircraft with VC with weight and balance numbers for the 40-seat British Airways transatlantic version that links London City with New York.  Aerosoft payware fans, your P3D4 textures are here.


As a bonus, you'll find that JetAlliance's OE-HAK is a stock livery in Alrot's noteworthy freeware Cessna Citation X, and there's even an Eaglesoft payware paint available (along with many other FS9 aircraft paints at Avsim). 


Want even more Euro-luxury fun? Check out this terrific turboprop: Mario Noriega's freeware Piaggio P180 comes with a variety of liveries, including a fictive Euroavia Pisa livery, and several other Italian liveries to enjoy.  Don't forget the update. This aircraft will reach anywhere on this map from Italy at speeds rivaling very light jets. There's lots of other European/British liveries to be had on this airplane. There's a few payware options, and Blackbird/Milviz have even released their P3Dv5 EVO edition as freeware.

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